The Course

Designed by European Golf Design (EGD) the course is one of the best in the Middle East, embracing strategic elements of the greatest golf courses in the world. The course landscape is characterized by beautifully manicured fairways and greens, enhanced by the carefully created wadi and lake features, which are surrounded by a flurry of well-maintained native flora. There is a wealth of practice areas, including a driving range, swing studios, and putting greens, designed to help the golfer improve overall play and advance technical skills.

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Practice areas, including a driving range, swing
studios, and putting greens, designed to help the golfer improve overall
play and advance technical skills.



  • PAR 4
  • 360 YARDS

An easy straightaway par 4 to commence the round. A wide fairway awaits the drive, although an
ideal drive will climb the ridge adjacent to the 2nd fairway bunker to leave an unobscured view into
the green. Any drive short of this ridge will leave a semi-blind approach. Generally, approach shots
from the left side of the fairway provide for a favourable angle to attack this gently undulating
green. A deep waste bunker weaves its way down the entire right side of the fairway. With the
prevailing wind coming off the right, balls will tend to feed towards the low area back left of the
green – this needs to be avoided.

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  • PAR 4
  • 394 YARDS

This medium length par 4 doglegs gently from left to right around the largest of the four lakes on the
course. The preferred driving line is actually down the left side, so make sure to play well away from
the lake making sure to evade the three fairway bunkers which lie in wait. The right side of the green
hugs the lake edge and the better play is to utilise the slopes on the left & back left side to feed the
ball down into the green. A strong central shoulder dominates the putting surface and splits the
green in two.

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  • PAR 3
  • 208 YARDS

Playing into the prevailing wind, the longest par 3 comes early on in the round. With water all down
the right side it is advisable to keep the ball left, where, the best place to ‘miss’ one of the most
undulating greens on the course is, front left. This will leave the golfer with a reasonable chance to
get up and down for par. When the pin is positioned back right, play to the middle of green to utilise
a large slope to feed the ball down to pin. Par is a great score one of the toughest holes on the

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  • PAR 5
  • 569 YARDS

The longest par 3 is immediately followed by the longest hole on the course. Fortunately though, the
hole plays predominantly downwind off the right and therefore, shorter than the scorecard
suggests. This hole provides a real opportunity to open the shoulders and unleash a big drive, but
beware of the single bunker down the left and deep waste bunkers which snake away down the
right side of the hole. A good long drive down the middle can leave the golfer with an opportunity to reach the raised, well protected green in two. The green slopes from back to front but make sure not
to go long.

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  • PAR 4
  • 437 YARDS

A tough mid to long par 4 where the landing area off the drive appears narrower than it really is. A
couple of blind waste bunkers protect the left side off the drive, so be mindful to avoid these – a
good tee shot target is the single greenside bunker in the distance, but make sure to factor in the
wind, which generally blows off the left. The green site is slightly raised and protected by the small
single bunker front right. The green itself has some interesting pin positions, most notably the far
left pin, which sits on a raised tier, making it tough to get into.

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  • PAR 4
  • 470 YARDS

The longest par 4 on the course will also play as the course’s toughest hole. Playing predominantly
into the prevailing wind, it is imperative for the tee shot to find the generous fairway. The ideal line
is over the left edge of the right fairway bunker as this will open up the view into the green. The
approach bunker on the right sits approximately 30m short of the raised green, which falls away
noticeably from front to back. The left greenside bunker is deep, so be sure to stay well clear.

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  • PAR 4
  • 339 YARDS

Following on from two tough par 4s, the 7th hole offers up some relief and provides the golfer with a
genuine birdie opportunity. Playing downwind, the big hitter has the option of trying to drive green,
however, be warned, the green appears closer than it really is, with a deep waste bunker hidden
front right of the green complex. The best angle into the high right pin is from beyond the large left
fairway bunker, but usually, the safe play is to take long iron off the tee, leaving a wedge shot into
this undulating and well protected green.

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  • PAR 3
  • 153 YARDS

Playing over a wadi, the shortest and one of the most attractive holes on the course is well protected
by three greenside bunkers, the deepest one being the front central bunker which will gather any
shot that comes up short. The high point on the green, and toughest pin position, is back right, and
balls will either fall away left or back towards the front. The left side of the green is much deeper
than it appears, and balls will actually fall away towards the back left.

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  • PAR 5
  • 525 YARDS

The front nine ends with another genuine birdie opportunity on this short par 5. The target line off
the tee shot is just to the right of the left fairway bunker, or the clubhouse clock tower, if the wind
isn’t blowing. From the first landing area, the rest of the hole unravels as the large lake and green
complex come into view. The best approach line into the green is from the left side. The green itself,
which is one of the most undulating, slopes from front left to back right. Be sure to factor in the wind
as it will affect the roll of the ball, pushing it towards to the back right…and water.

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  • PAR 4
  • 372 YARDS

Another straightaway mid length par 4 to open up with on the back nine. The best line of approach
into this green is from the right side, but make sure the drive avoids the two fairway bunkers, one of
which sits central to the landing area. The green complex is protected by two bunkers front left, and
a deep one on the right. The raised back left pin is tough to attack, especially with the prevailing
wind coming from that direction. A clear strategy off the tee is imperative.

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  • PAR 3
  • 164 YARDS

This one shotter may appear short, but it definitely bears some teeth and will play longer than the
scorecard suggests. Playing into the wind, make sure to keep your tee shot low to prevent it from
ballooning up and being blown off course. The raised green is well guarded with a deep bunker
hugging the left side and an even deeper blind one back right. The putting surface has some strong
slopes, with a substantial shoulder encroaching out of the large left mound. A false front protects
the front and right side pin positions. The back pin locations are hidden, but any ball that clambers
over the ridge will have a good chance of going close.

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  • PAR 4
  • 459 YARDS

One of the toughest holes on the course, this long dogleg right to left par 4. A good drive is a must,
but make sure to avoid the solitary bunker on the right side of the landing zone. A waste bunker
meanders its way down the left side of this hole, terminating some thirty metres short of the largest
green on the course. The green itself is gently undulating with a large mound dominating the right
side. Par is an excellent score.

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  • PAR 5
  • 525 YARDS

A reachable par 5 that once again requires a good drive. Off the drive, the lake which runs from the
first landing zone all the way down the right side of the hole, encroaches into the fairway more than
is visible, so the safe play is to aim just right of the single fairway bunker on the left. Another single
bunker protects the left side of the second landing zone, but the best angle into this green is always
from as close to the lake as the golfer dares. The front and right side of this green complex is
wrapped up by the lake. The putting surface is generous & gently undulating from back to front.

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  • PAR 4
  • 394 YARDS

A mid length par 4 that doglegs sharply from left to right. There are two options with the tee shot,
either play safe and left of the fairway and waste bunkers on the corner of the dogleg, or take them
on, with the reward being a much shorter approach shot up the hill. The actual green surface is the
only blind green on the course. Don’t be fooled by the approach bunker on the right as this sits over
twenty metres short of the putting surface. Another two bunkers guard the green, one on the right
and a blind one back left. On the green, all balls will tend to funnel to the middle, where the majority
of pins will be positioned. Front left of the green is a good ‘miss’ and will leave an easy up and down

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  • PAR 4
  • 427 YARDS

The tee shot on this tough par 4 plays directly towards the Red Sea. There are no bunkers on the
drive, however the waste bunker which hugs the left side needs to be evaded. Following the drive,
the hole turns to the left where the raised green punctuates the ocean horizon. A deep bunker
defends the front left of the green, while a run off area on the right side also needs to be avoided.
The putting surface is not overly contoured, but it does slope from front left down towards the
ocean back right.

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  • PAR 3
  • 180 YARDS

Probably the most spectacular hole on the course, the last of the par 3’s has the Red Sea framing its
entire left hand side. With the wind most probably coming off the sea, to get into the green, the
golfer will either have to hang the shot out over the ocean and watch it come back on the breeze or
draw the ball into it. The safe tee shot is to the right side, but this will leave a tricky up and down.
The green surface slopes gently from back to front and right to left towards the sea.

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  • PAR 4
  • 366 YARDS

With your back to the Sea, and the wind from behind, this short par 4 provides some respite
following a tough stretch of holes. An iron off the tee will generally avoid most of the trouble and
will leave only a short iron in for the second shot. The best line of attack into this green depends on
the day’s pin location, but a full shot in to any front pins should have more control and generally,
should be better off. Make sure not to go long, and beware of the blind waste bunkers down the
left. A good birdie opportunity.

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  • PAR 5
  • 520 YARDS

For the final ‘booming’ drive, aim straight at the Clubhouse, making sure to avoid the fairway and
waste bunkers down the right, and the snaking wadi down the left. The large lake which encroaches
from the left side will only come into play on the second and third shots. From the second landing
area on, a staggered set bunkers protect the right side of the hole, so a clear strategy is important.
The lake wraps around the entire left & back edges of the green, while the putting surface has some
subtle undulations which generally slope from back to front and right to left down towards the lake.
A fun yet challenging finish to the round.

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